Natural treatments using plant based active ingredients
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Are you suffering with hair loss, loss of condition, skin or scalp condition?

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We specialise in Hair Loss, Scalp & Skin Treatments

Are you troubled by hair loss or thinning hair? Have you been suffering from a scalp disorder? Help is at hand. Our approach to hair loss and thinning hair is not a quick process. There are no magical cures in holistic therapy, but with a personalised program of treatment, on a conscientious patient who faithfully follows the Natural Trichologist’s advice, much benefit can be gained. Patience and diligence are also required.

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. Having a healthy, glossy head of hair denotes youth and vitality, whereas thinning, brittle hair can add years to your looks. This can occur due to stress, an underlying health condition or a more localised scalp issue.

With CM Hair Loss, your whole health history is taken into consideration when devising a personalised treatment plan for your problem hair or scalp condition. After diagnosis by microscopy – analysing strands of your hair under a powerful microscope – you will follow a personalised scalp detox regime, including at-home and in-clinic treatments using products from the professional Hair & Skin Solutions range. These were created by Cheryl Mackie using amazing UK formulators, from her many years of helping her clients with thinning hair and hair loss issues. These powerful, amino acid, scientifically proven botanicals, vitamins, minerals and essential oil-based products are designed to fortify your hair from within; they are not tested on animals

Jo Good's show with Cheryl Mackie on 16th October 2019 - BBC Radio London

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