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CHERYL MACKIEabout-cheryl-mackie
Member of the B.R.C.P., S.F.B., Advanced Microscopy Course and Bioresoance practitioner 

Cheryl studied hairdressing at the London College of Fashion and has continued to work within the Industry

Having spent her life learning about and working with hair, Cheryl saw every hair, scalp or skin condition or issue. She could also see how these conditions affected her clients, leaving them feeling distressed, embarrassed and what a detrimental effect it had on their wellbeing

Cheryl decided that she wanted to learn more about the cause of these issues and concerns and work towards a natural solution and has concentrated her education in the specific study of the health of the hair and scalp
Trained in Microscopy, Cheryl can review and analyse the hair to reveal essential information about the structure of the hair, any possible causes of hair loss and skin conditions or other internal issues

Cheryl took courses on skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and sensitive skin complaints. She has worked with scientists and make-up artists learning all that she can about skin.

Cheryl has concentrated her education in the specific study of the health of the hair and scalp. Combining the power of Microscopy with her advanced scalp & skin training, together with her knowledge and expertise Cheryl can detect problems and achieve positive results naturally. With the addition of Hair & Skin Solutions product range she is able to help more peoples hair loss issues, at home

She has now added BioResonance to her toolkit, using Rife frequency therapy. The Bioresonance training came about through her love of frequency, how different types of music could lift your mood and how being around happy people made you feel better in yourself. Cheryl studied this and now implements this into her practice to find out even more about her clients, their intolerances, stresses, toxins and nutrition. With regular frequency feedback it can create a more balanced system

Whilst Cheryl has practices in Colchester and London’s Hale Clinic, she has now extended her practice to using technology to provide e-Consultation via using Zoom

Cheryl is no longer practising in Brentwood, Essex
Cheryl is a Member of the British Register of Complimentary Practitioners


  • Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners
  • Certified Biofeedback Practitioner
  • Advanced course in Microscopy
  • City and Guilds hairdressing certificate
  • Skin Care Diploma
  • Hair & Skin Solutions Course Creator and Trainer