Bio Cultures

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HSS-Bio Cultures – Digestive Support – 55 Billion CFU – Stomach Acid Resistant – Advanced Multi-Strain Complex

A number of factors can compromise the gut flora balance, but friendly bacterial cultures can help to restore it. Our advanced bio cultures formula contains 12 important bacterial strains to boost the existing gut flora naturally present in the digestive system.


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✔️ADVANCED MULTI-STRAIN COMPLEX. Our bio cultures formula contains 12 strains of bio cultures with a powerful 55 billion CFU per capsule.

✔️DIGESTIVE SUPPORT. The friendly bacteria in our bio cultures complex can help to balance the gut flora naturally present in the digestive system.

✔️DELAYED RELEASE, ACID RESISTANT CAPSULES FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS. Unprotected bio cultures are easily destroyed by stomach acid. Our delayed-release capsules help protect the cultures inside from stomach acid and deliver them directly to the intestines, leading to the higher levels of beneficial bacterial cultures colonising the gut.

✔️STABLE AT AMBIENT TEMPERATURES. Our Bio Cultures are stable and remain active at room temperature, so there’s no need for refrigeration.

✔️PREMIUM QUALITY, MADE TO GMP STANDARDS. Manufactured in the UK to GMP quality assurance with only the finest quality raw materials.

✔️NO FILLERS, BINDERS OR ADDITIVES. At Time Health we believe in clean nutrition which is why you won’t find any nasty stuff in our products including any binders, fillers or additives, unlike some of our competitors.

Great in combination with our dandelion extract. Dandelion is high in inulin, a soluble fibre that nourishes gut microbes and supports digestion.


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1 capsule typically contains:
Bifidobacterium breve 4.58 Billion CFU
Bifidobacterium lactis 4.58 Billion CFU
Bifidobacterium longum 4.58 Billion CFU
Bifidobacterium bifidum 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus acidophilus 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus brevis 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus bulgaricus 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus casei 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus paracasei 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus plantarum 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus rhamnosus 4.58 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus salivarius 4.58 Billion CFU

Capsule: DRcaps™ Stomach acid-resistant capsules. vegetarian, kosher and halal certified (HPMC) hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Suggested Use:
As a food supplement for adults, take 1-2 capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for
a varied diet.

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