Botanique Intense Hair and Scalp Oil DISCONTINUED

Hair Type: Botanique
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Please see Luxury Spa Oil or Genesicap Plus as  replacement.


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Anti-stress package from Mother Nature

The rich organic care oil repairs, regenerates and calms dry, sensitive scalps. Jojoba oil moisturises and restores the scalp’s natural balance. Organic borage, rapeseed oil extract and crambe oil sterols calm and relax stressed scalps. Dry scalps are eradicated as the cause of dry hair. With use over time, the hair’s elasticity and shine are restored

  • Jojoba oil: supplies moisture and shine and restores hair and scalp’s natural balance
  • Borage oil: calms stressed scalps, soothes itchiness and irritations
  • Crambe oil extract (Abyssinian kale): the oil with the highest content of long-chain, monounsaturated fatty acid erucic acid supplies shine and softness, calms stressed scalps, heals itchiness and irritations
  • Rapeseed oil: synergistic oil, strengthens the effect of the valuable crambe oil

Apply the oil along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in. Activation time as needed – possibly overnight. Shampoo thoroughly after the activation time.

Extra tips:

As needed, Intense Oil can also be applied to dry hair as protection or a shine amplifier.
With very dry ends, the oil can also be sparingly applied to the ends before blow-drying
With dry curls, the oil can be kneaded into the curls in dry or wet hair. Also ideal for bunching curls when air-drying.
For these applications, it is best to distribute the oil between your palms and apply to the hair.

The oil is not a substitute for a deep-conditioning hair care, but is excellent for use in combination with Gentle Conditioner or Mask Intense.