Botanique Intense Mask

Hair Type: Botanique
SKU: LB-BTQ-120769

Nourishing deep-conditioning treatment with macadamia nut oil and ginseng root extract for soft and shiny hair, suitable for all hair types. With invigorating scent essences


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Green energy for soft shine

The nourishing deep-conditioning treatment from macadamia nut oil and strengthening ginseng root extract makes the hair wonderfully soft and shiny. Used consistently, it regenerates the hair structure and the hair’s sensitive moisture balance. The hair’s elasticity and strength are restored. Unruly hair is gently calmed and its stylability restored.

Thanks to its exquisite combination, Intense Mask is suitable for all hair types.

  • Ginseng: strengthens the resilience and strength of the hair with carbohydrates, peptides, minerals and saponins (surfactants, tensides), invigorates and mobilises the scalp
  • Macadamia nut oil: contains valuable lipids that fill in micro-injuries of the cuticle, protect the hair from moisture loss and thus boost shine and softness

Evenly distribute into washed hair, leave in for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.