Clair de Teint Sensitif

Hair Type: Sensitive Skin
SKU: LB-SEN-003582
Biomimetic emulsion that is particularly suitable for sensitive skin: Gently cleanses and makes the skin look clear and radiantly beautiful


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Gentle cleansing.

This emulsion ensures that the skin’s biological balance is maintained, whilst providing particularly gentle and thorough cleansing. Pure oat surfactants gently cleanse the skin. But the cleanser rapidly and thoroughly removes make-up, dirt and residue. At the same time, it actively combats dry skin: It contains glycerine to maintain the moisture in the skin, and ensure that the skin doesn’t feel dry. After cleansing, the skin is softer and looks youthfully cared for. Clair de Teint Sensitif is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Oat surfactant (Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acid) provides gentle yet thorough cleansing
  • Glycerine maintains the skin’s moisture

Apply daily to face and neck morning and evening, gently massage in. Then rinse with plenty of water.