Curl Saver

Hair Type: Curl
SKU: LB-CRL-120460
Size: 200ML

This spray refreshes curls in a flash and restores their elastic bounce, moisture and shine.


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Curly hair is mostly naturally dry and therefore more difficult to detangle. The scalp’s natural care substances find it more difficult to travel down the curls and into the tips. They need an extra portion of moisture!

As a refresher spray Curl Saver redefines curls and rebunches them. The weightless express care for curly hair supplies the hair with plenty of moisture. The Natural Moisturising Factor forms a protective shield and prevents repeated dehydration deep down – undesirable frizziness is prevented. The curls can be easily detangled. Their natural bounce, shine and liveliness are restored.

  • Bounce Back Polymer: moisturising and moisture-binding, increases bounce
  • Wheat peptides: strengthen the hair from within and improve the structure
  • The Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF): provides deep protection from dehydration
  • Provitamin B5: gives the hair moisture, softness and fresh shine

Evenly spray Curl Saver as a refresher spray into dry or slightly damp hair and shape the curls with your fingers.

Curl Saver as express hair care for curly hair: after washing, spray into towel-dried hair, detangle curls with a wide-toothed comb and shape them; an individual styling product such as Curl Activator can be additionally applied if desired.