Homme Mens Hair and Scalp Tonic

Hair Type: Mens
SKU: LB-HOM-003338

Refreshing scalp tonic with cooling effect: Hair & Scalp Tonic that is combined with a scalp massage to positively affect hair growth and thickness.


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Bye-bye thinning hair!
The hair growth booster. Cares for the scalp and maintains its natural balance for healthy and beautiful looking hair. The refreshing Hair & Scalp Tonic stimulates the microcirculation, and noticeably improves hair growth. Energising complexes of minerals activate the cell energy cycle, and supply the mitochondria with oxygen, so that cell respiration and regeneration are activated. The skin cells’ energy supply is increased, which gives skin and hair a real energy boost.

The innovative algae complex of channelled wrack and seaweed optimises hair thickness and menthol cools the scalp.

HOMME. The daily ritual of revitalising care.

  • An algae complex of oarweed, brown algae and channelled wrack stimulates hair growth (is oarweed correct?)
  • Menthol is cooling

After washing, apply along the parting of damp or towel-dried hair and/or to the scalp, and lightly massage in. Leave in the tonic so that it can lastingly develop its effect.

Tip: A gentle scalp massage stimulates the circulation, and thus enhances the revitalising effect of the hair tonic.