Intensive Activating Lotion

Hair Type: Long
SKU: LB-LNG-120438
Size: 100ML

This scalp lotion stimulates the cell activity in the hair roots and accelerates hair growth. It also supports the formation of stable, strong hair.


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Growth turbo!

The innovative Intensive Activating Lotion supplies the hair roots with elementary active ingredients such as trace elements from coral, as well as the finest biotin, which support the formation of strong and stress-resistant hair. Valuable keratin building blocks activate the hair roots, stimulate cell division and accelerate hair growth.

Scientifically proven:

Increases the cell division rate by more than 90 percent compared to a placebo solution. Proven to increase the speed of hair growth by up to 32 percent.

The hair-forming cells are reactivated and the dream of long princess locks becomes a reality.

  • Energy mix of glycogen and creatine: significantly boosts the cell activity of the hair roots by the supply of highly effective energisers
  • Keratin building blocks (arginine, lysine and aspartic acid): stimulation of the hair roots
  • Trace elements from coral and biotin: boost and support the formation of stable, strong hair

Apply the contents of two pipettes Intensive Activating Lotion along the parting of the scalp

and lightly massage in.

For an optimised effect Intensive Activating Lotion can be applied several times a week.