Lotion Epicélan Equilibrant-DISCONTINUED

Hair Type: Dandruff
SKU: LB-DAN-120127
Size: 100ML

Lotion Epicélan Equilibrant-DISCONTINUED please see Lotion Apaisant as a replacement:

Epicélan Equilibrant anti-dandruff lotion combats dandruff on a dry and sensitive scalp, protects against dehydration, is regenerative and thus lastingly eradicates dandruff.


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Dry scalps lack protection! They are highly sensitive and react with itchiness and tightness. The protective acid mantle is no longer intact and the scalp’s sensitive microbial flora rapidly becomes imbalanced. The scalp tries in vain to master the situation by strengthening its stratum corneum. Luckily, we are warned of this – annoying little skin scales are visible in the hair and on the clothing – and now it’s time to take urgent action because otherwise this will impact the hair growth!

Epicélan Equilibrant targets dry scalp scales, starting with their cause, and lastingly eradicates them. At the same time, the hydrolotion instantly soothes unpleasant tightness and itchiness of the scalp. The synergistic combination of natural fatty acids, lipids and high-quality active ingredients such as panthenol, liquorice root extract and valuable essential oils gently restores the scalp’s balance. At the same time, the anti-dandruff balm strengthens the natural defences, normalises the microbial scalp environment and thus effectively prevents the formation of new dandruff.

La Biosthétique’s specially created active ingredient complex Complexe Pellicules lastingly improves the scalp environment. The results are amazing: Reduces visible dandruff after the first few applications by up to 50%.

Lotion Epicélan Equilibrant ensures an intact and relaxed scalp, dandruff-free hair AND dandruff-free clothing.

  • Combination of natural fatty acids and phospholipids
  • Complexe Pellicules: improves the scalp environment and reduces dandruff
  • Panthenol: regenerates and strengthens
  • Bisabolol: calms the scalp
  • Allantoin: protects the cells, smoothens the hair structure and is highly moisturising
  • Liquorice root extract: anti-inflammatory
  • Phytocomplex of buchu, henna and Venus hair fern
  • Essential oils of bitter orange, witch hazel, bergamot, mandarin, geranium, jasmine, rose blossoms, lavender, wild thyme: pleasantly relaxing and actively prevent formation of new dandruff

After every wash, ideally with Shampooing Epicélan Purifiant, apply approx. 5 ml Lotion Epicélan Equilibrant along the parting of the whole scalp. Leave-in product.