Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Vital

Hair Type: Coloured
SKU: LB-COL-120200
Size: 100ML

The innovative hair care set for beautiful, healthy hair despite chemical treatments. Used regularly, this lastingly ensures the valuable result of the salon treatment Protection Cheveux Colour with maximum efficacy – exquisite shine, powerful elasticity and smooth body.

A new dimension of hair cosmetics.


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Gives the hair significantly increased resilience. Valuable active ingredients from Mother Nature

and a nature-identical ceramide repair structural damage of the outer cuticle

and perfectly protect the hair against stress. It lastingly gains elasticity and shine.

Lamellar Phospholipids, with their lamella-like structure that lastingly adheres to the hair’s keratin, fill in porous parts and roughness of the hair. They balance out unevenness and the cuticle is resealed. Restores the hair’s shine and regenerates it.

Argan Oil balances out the deficit of natural fatty substances.

Extracts of the desert rose intensively moisturise and restore the hair’s healthy moisture balance.

  • Lamellar phospholipids
  • Argan oil
  • Desert rose extracts

Evenly distribute 8-10 ml Complexe 3 Mask Vital into the hair leave in for 10 minutes and then rinse all products out thoroughly.