Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Volume

Hair Type: Coloured
SKU: LB-COL-120314

Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Volume ( formerly Creme Reparatrice)

The proven mask for beautiful, healthy and stable hair with volume. Repairs the hair and restores its natural beauty. Ideal in combination with Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Spray and the salon treatment Protection Cheveux, Mask Volume lastingly ensures valuable results – excellent shine, powerful elasticity and stable body.

An integral component of La Biosthétique hair cosmetics.


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Volume care for your hair
The innovative concept of Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Volume contains proven active ingredients to enable intensive and more lasting care results despite bleaching, colour and perms whilst restructuring the hair. As a stand-alone application or in synergy with Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Spray. An easy way to beautiful, healthy hair for luxurious wellbeing.


Regeneration from without: (see previous comments) COMPLEXE 3 MASK VOLUME

Gives the hair significantly increased resilience. Valuable active ingredients from Mother Nature

and a nature-identical ceramide repair structural damage of the outer cuticle and perfectly protect the hair against stress.

Lastingly restructures the hair and restores its natural beauty. The innovative hair mask contains a lasting conditioning complex of highly potent active ingredients, such as quaternised wheat protein, orange peel wax and Provitamin B5, that deeply repair and rebuild the hair. This gives the hair an extra strength and shine boost. The care miracle penetrates the inside of each hair and supplies it with plenty of moisture. The hair gains new stability, silky shine and lively bounce. Mask Volume is also a veritable anti-aging talent, which contains a UV filter to protect against damaging external environmental influences and thus prevents premature hair aging and structural damage.

Complexe 3 Mask:

  • Wheat protein, quaternised
  • UV filters
  • Orange peel wax
  • Provitamin B5

Application as Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 set Volume:

Spray Complexe Mask 3 Spray section by section into towel-dried hair and lightly comb in. Leave-in product. Evenly distribute 8-10 ml Complexe 3 Mask Volume into the hair right after Complexe 3 Spray, leave in for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Application of Complex 3 Mask Volume as a stand-alone treatment:

Evenly distribute into washed hair, leave in for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.