Spa Le Bain

Hair Type: Body
SKU: LB-SPA-002075
Size: 250ML

For a sensuous feel-good showering or bathing experience: this gently cleansing shower/bath for skin and hair provides perfect care and a wonderfully refreshing sensation.


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Reduced stress!

Le Bain shower/bath transforms your bathroom into a luxurious, perfumed spa and your daily cleansing into a relaxing break. Immerse yourself in this indulgent experience and pamper your skin with the valuable active ingredients of milk and yoghurt. These active ingredients contain prebiotic properties that maintain the skins sensitive protective acid mantle. These products make the skin feel velvety soft, giving it a healthy biological balance. In addition, stimulating scent compositions of lime, basil, lemon grass and pink pepper, as well as a sensuous accord of vanilla and cedar notes, delicately coat skin and hair with their scent – all day long!

  • Skin-friendly surfactants gently cleanse without dehydration
  • Sodium salts of lactic acid and gluconic acid make the skin visibly softer
  • Milk proteins maintain the skin’s sensitive protective acid mantle
  • Valuable scent essences of lime, basil, lemon grass and pink pepper, as well as vanilla and cedar, pleasantly scent skin and hair

Evenly apply shower/bath Le Bain to moist body skin and hair, distribute and lather well. Then rinse thoroughly. For enhanced relaxation you can add a few drops to your bathwater.

Tip: Treat yourself to a bath: in the bath muscular circulation is improved and tension is released.