Visarôme Dynamique EN

Hair Type: Dry Scalp
SKU: LB-NRM-120630
Size: 30ML

Natural aromatherapy complex invigorates the energy supply of scalp and hair roots, supplies new energy and prevents age-related impaired functions of the scalp.


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Lack of energy, the metabolism is low, the hair has no resilience and simply doesn’t want to grow properly any more. Sad conclusion: Stress and its consequences don’t spare the scalp. High time to intervene! Thanks to the invigorating aromatherapy complex Visarôme Dynamique EN, the energy flow is restored to the scalp and hair.

Purely natural essential oils of orange, bergamot, gotu kola, sandalwood, geranium and litsea cubeba, as well as high-quality sweet vanilla extracts are veritable energy boosters. Effectively declares war on free radicals. Hair-forming cells are kept active, which results in natural and healthy hair growth. All scalp functions are actively boosted by the invigorating scalp lotion and the hair’s natural, healthy resilience is restored. The hair shines with vitality and is able to beautifully develop again. The fine scent of exquisite oils emanates freshness and relaxation and takes the scalp on an olfactory journey.

The Visarôme Dynamique EN is a fountain of youth for scalp and soul.

  • Natural essential oils of orange, bergamot, gotu kola, sandalwood, geranium and litsea cubeba: improve the scalp functions and the energy supply of the skin and hair roots
  • Vanilla extract: keeps the hair-forming cells active

Several times a week, distribute 1 to 1.5 pipettes of Visarôme Dynamique EN on to points of the scalp and then lightly massage it in with your fingertips