Soleil Vitalité Express

Hair: Sun Protection
SKU: LB-SUN-120104
Size: 150ML

Water-repellent 2-phase spray care results in sufficient sun protection for the hair, improves the hair structure and repairs even stressed hair. With an instant effect for more shine, elasticity and softness.


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Sunny days – holidays, happy pleasures, unforgettable days! What is often forgotten is the fact that the hair also needs sun protection! If it doesn’t get sufficient protection on the beach or by the pool, you will soon experience a rude awakening.

Soleil Vitalité Express features dual power because the water-repellent 2-phase spray care contains a new kind of dual UV multi-protection to effectively combat the direct and indirect effects of UV rays:

1. UVA and UVB rays are reliably absorbed by non-hydrosoluble UV filters. Consequence: The hair is protected against fading and porosity.

2. La Biosthétique sunflower extract provides an extensive protective shield:

Protective: deposits itself to the hair and instantly wards off future damaging UV rays.

Preventative: protects the inside of the hair from severe damage.

Post-treatment: it neutralises the free radicals activated by UV rays – and the best thing of all:

Soleil Vitalité Express not only restores silky shine with every spray but also gives the hair a sensuous summer scent. The innovative sun protection for the hair contains wheat peptides and a polymer that intensively condition the hair, provide additional protection and result in instant softness and healthy elasticity. Undesirable fading of the hair is consistently prevented. Soleil Vitalité Express so that beautiful hair can enjoy the summer without regrets!

  • Sunflower extract: Extensive protective shield to combat UV radiation
  • Polymers and wheat peptides: provide the hair with elasticity, softness and shine
  • UV filters: give the hair multi-protection against sun rays
  • The Soleil scent composition is exclusive to La Biosthétique

Shake well before use! Before sun exposure, evenly spray Soleil Vitalité Express into dry or damp hair. Style as usual. Always repeat after going in the water!