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Look at this hair! It’s hard to believe that it was only August last year I got told it would keep falling out and that I likely had androgenetic alopecia by the NHS. I cried. Luckily, In a desperate state, my client recommended I invest in a private trichologist and I found Cheryl. It was only when we had our first consultation and Cheryl looked into the background to my hair loss that I realised what I had been doing to myself for almost a year and it had a massive impact on my hair. I had a really tough year in 2017 and I was not eating well at all, barely sleeping and surviving on coffee. Some days I didn’t eat for more than 24 hours. That and the stress of being a single, working mum of four thrown in the mix took its toll massively on me. I wasn’t kind to my hair at all and abused the dry shampoo ALOT which blocked my follicles over time. Cheryl analysed my hair strands from the root which confirmed they were almost empty with no nutrition and my scalp was clinging onto dead hair and not producing any new hair. The trouble is it take a few hairs cycles (3 months) to even realise there’s a problem. Cheryl put me on a scalp detox and cleansing regime to do at home using La Biosthetique products which have essential oils in and supplements to take and even after a few months we saw a mass in hair growth! This lady absolutely knows her stuff and I’m so glad I found her!

G Cox from Essex

4 months ago I was diagnosed with alopecia areata. It was suggested I go to see a trichologist. I found Cheryl via a search of the web. She contacted me immediately and advised to visit for a consultation. The consultation involved taking samples of hair and analysing under a microscope. The results were quite an eye opener and the advice Cheryl gave me lead to a change in lifestyle and healthier diet to compliment the treatment I was to receive. After an initial 6 weeks detox treatment which you do at home I started an 8 week course of stimulants that you receive in half hour sessions with Cheryl once a week. I am now on session 7 and I can honestly say the results have been amazing. My patches have pretty much all disappeared and my hair seems thicker and healthier than it was before.

Daniel Armstrong from Essex

I cannot thank Cheryl Mackie enough for the support she has given me and the fantastic results of the treatment I have been receiving.

10 years ago I was diagnosed with female pattern hair loss by a high profile hair loss clinic, and put on Minoxodil drops. I used them religiously but never felt that they really stopped the shedding and in fact seemed to be contributing to other very negative side effects. After 9 years at that clinic, I switched to another hair loss specialist centre, was put on a higher strength of Minoxodil, and had such an adverse reaction (both physical and psychological) I was told to stop using them straight away and that I would need to tolerate my hair loss problem because nothing else could be done. By this point I was a complete emotional mess, had developed OCD behaviour related to my hair loss and was barely able to think straight. Still convinced all my hair was falling out but having been told Minoxodil was not going to solve the problem – and being well aware of the very negative reaction I had gone through and not wanting to experience anything like that again – I researched natural solutions and discovered Cheryl’s website.

I am so thankful that I managed to get an appointment. Cheryl was the only person who had ever pulled hairs out of my head and looked at them and the follicles in order to diagnose a condition. She told me she did not think I had female pattern hairloss, just a very stressed scalp (and a lot of stress in general). I felt reassured from the start and could feel that Cheryl genuinely wanted to help.

Cheryl tells you from the start the treatment will take a while to take effect, but it is worth persevering. Almost one year down the line, I can hand on heart say my hair is no longer shedding, I have loads of regrowth, and – of equal importance – I am not a paranoid, obsessive bundle of nerves, as I was when I was using Minoxodil.

Thank you Cheryl Mackie for sorting out so much more than my hair 🙂

Claudia from London

For my entire adult life I have suffered with an itchy, flaky, sore scalp. My poor scalp condition meant that my hair wasn’t able to grow healthily and looked very damaged with lots of short frizzy hairs over my otherwise straight hair. People often commented upon how damaged it looked. Over the years I have tried pretty much every option to improve my scalp and hair condition and nothing worked at all. I felt utterly miserable with it.

One of my internet searches thankfully led me to Cheryl. I had an initial consultation with Cheryl who looked at my hair and scalp and explained everything in perfect detail. I started on Cheryl’s programme for improving scalp condition starting with home treatment for 6 weeks followed by clinic appointments for 8 weeks. I noticed a 100% improvement in scalp condition over this time with new hair growing through and looking healthy. I am now following Cheryl’s programme for improved hair growth and I can see that the new hair is shiny and healthy and the old unhealthy hair is growing out. I am thrilled with this progress and truly grateful to Cheryl. Of course healthy hair relies upon other factors such as adequate hydration, nutrition and enough sleep and exercise. During my consultation, Cheryl discussed all these factors in a holistic approach which has led to me making small changes to my lifestyle which have had benefit to my overall health, including taking some supplements which were recommended by Cheryl.

My 12 year old son has recently started suffering from an itchy, flaking scalp and has started on the scalp improvement programme. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to improve the condition of their scalp and hair to have a consultation with Cheryl.


Dr L Allen from Buckinghamshire

“I’ve got 3 auto immune diseases and Fibromyalgia thanks to this and the meds my hair has not grown but broke off for over a year and half. As you can imagine for a business woman’s coach that is more than not ideal. Thanks to working with Cheryl after 8 weeks my hair is growing. I’ve had to have my fringe cut already!”

Mandie Holgate


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